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Km, I haven't seen you here for a while, I know you are probably busy at the pregnancy board, I am so happy to see you around again, please keep coming back to check on us. ;o)
rbettis, you seem to start the injection around the same time I did. I just had my ultrasound this morning; my RE said there's a big egg and 4 or 5 very small ones. Unfortunately, they might have to let the big one die and wait for other small ones to develop before the retrival. The doctor was hoping for at least 10 eggs, 5 obviously is not good enough. She said she was not surprised about the number as my FSH level was high. My FSH level was normal last January, but then went up in December when I did the test again.
I did some reading online about high FSH level, it says high FSH does affect the quantity and quality of the eggs. I know you both were worried about being overstimmed, my concern is that I don't have enough good eggs, this really gave me a bad mood today.
I wonder if I will get a call later today to increase the dose of my injection? But mine seems to be pretty high already.

Baby dust.

Your doctor might just be very cautious this time since you were overstimmed last time, so they keep adjusting the dose, just my guess... You will be fine... I only had one egg over 18mm on Friday, not sure why they schedule to do ER on Monday? But I was told that they expect the size to go up in this couple of days...

Anyway, I really don't have much to say at this point but to follow their instructions.

I actually just made an appointment for massage too next week... ;o)

I need to trigger exactly at 11:00pm tonight then do a home pregnancy test tomorrow morning at 7:30am (yikes! that early) I will try to relax this weekend..

Let me know how your Sunday appointment goes.

Baby dust

Hi [B]Kim[/B], **REMOVED*** I didn't know you had changed Repro Dr. You didn't like the first one?

Hi [B]Coco[/B], nice to hear from you. Don't you hate the resting part? Well, I finally set myself up on the bed with my laptop. Now I am relaxing.

Well guys, in the end the Dr put in 4 eggs. When I went in @ 2:00 PM the Dr told me that from the morning to the afternoon the eggs had great improvement! He was even saying we could wait for a 5 day transfer, but then he said exactly what Kim said, day 3 or 5 in the end does not matter. 5 day is just to let them grow more and see which one would be the most likely to succeed. However, he did know say anything about grade 1 or 2, but he did say about being "great quality". My Dr is sooooooooo sweet, and has a beautiful smile. And also is very cheerful. The way he was saying about the great quality sounded like gold to my ears. Like Kim say, we only need ONE :).

He gave me the choice to either put in 3 and freeze one or do them all 4. But then he said: [I]"If I were you, I would do all four. Women at 42 are more less likely for all 4 to take and only 25% than only one will take". [/I]He said in his 25 years of practice almost none of the women @ 42 the 4 eggs took. And unfortunately, it could be than none of the eggs took at all.

I am just hopping for one, a healthy one.

You know, I have been scheduled for only 2 appointments: Pregnancy test on 3/31 and the sonogram on 4/13. I don't think I have a progesterone test. mmmhhh I will call them just in case.

Kim, I will ck ur thead and see how you are evolving.

Positive vive your way :angel:
oh yes, wouldn't that be great?!;) us moving to the dream board, I think we would be due in November.

Yes, I am on daily progesteron (1CC). You know, my hubby is giving me the injections. He has done such a beautiful job that I don't even feel when he stick the needle. Last time I did envitro, his sister was the one that gave me the shots. I was afraid that my hubby would faint. Well, my sister had my butt so bruised that it was horrible. It took about 8 months for the bruises to go away. So far he has done a clean job. Sometimes we underestimate people.

Regarding increasing implantation, I have no idea. I have searched the Internet and I have not found anything. No one knows. Oh just read about acupuncture and you are already doing it. I haven't. I have been so busy. Some where I heard aspirin, but I am already taking baby aspiring (81mg) daily. It says it improve the blood flow to the uterus. My Dr prescribed it to me.

I am still working out but more lazzury. My Dr only asked me to stop doing kick boxing. Nothing that we are bouncing. He told me walking, swimming and bicycling. I asked him about another class I have called "butts and guts" and he told me it was okay but with caution. I asked him about abbs and he said it was okay. Just these two days I have to be in bed.

He told me to go back to kick boxing after my pregnancy test. But he would let me know for sure. I can't wait, cuz I can't stand the lazyness. As soon as the weather changes, I am enrolling in water aerobics and I will do also free swimming. That would keep me some what in shape.

Coco, I can't wait to see if the little gummie got stuck!
Hi coco, i wish i was feeling that my period was coming. I don't feel anything. My boobs hurt everynow and then, but really a not big deal. Right now they are like nothing. I don't feel cramps or anything!!! I feel I am not pregnant.

I even feel like going to the store to buy a pregnancy test and see. But I think it is even too early for that.


P.S. my belly still swollen. But really not as much.
Hi Coco, it is midnight and I can't sleep. I don't feel any symptoms. I went to a website and all the girls that tested positive, were having the period symptoms at 3 weeks. I believe last week for us was week 3.

I took the pregnancy test yesterday and came negative. Actually, it had a very faint line. I could hardly see it tho. It was so fainted that it could also be product of my imagination. The package has one more test. Today I just glanced at it but I didn't take it. I chickened out.

Today I asked my husband how would we take it if the test came negative. In the middle of the conversation we ended up fighting and it was even worse for me. We also had a fight that Sunday (the day I went to the library and that I had the cramps). I feel I am out of control and he does not help. Today he told me if the test came negative it would be completely my fault ... for throwing tempertramtums when I needed to relax. Obviously that set me off. He can't acept that he does things that makes me claim the walls. Anyway, I just let it out. Feel better.

I am like you, I feel like skiping it and wait to see if I get my period. Right now I don't feel absolutly anything. Like I told you, last IVF, 2 days before my Prego test, I would sit on the toilet to see if any flow would come out. It was that bad I felt like my period was coming. I had all the symptoms I would normally get before my period shows.

Regarding the Beta, I really don't understand it. I read these postings and everyone has different numbers. Some people have 4-5 digits numbers and some have 2, yet they are all pregnant. Who knows. I guess we will have to endure this one way or another one.

Good luck tomorrow in case you decide to go and take the test.
SR, first at all thank you.

I totally understand you. I was a rack. I think the 2ww period is excruciating painful!!! I think the worse is the day before. I felt like crying. I was even practicing my reaction if the Dr told me that it was negative, just to see if I could handle it. Honestly, being 42 I feel I would have no other chance.

As far as symptoms, I can tell you that this time around I have not symptoms at all. I think I have felt a little bit of AF (like it wants to come), but I am so in touch with my body that I can tell you that it has lasted only about 30 minutes and it only happened a couple of times only. I don't have sore boobs, or my veins around my breast are not even showing.

With Alex, the AF feeling was so strong that I could had swore my period was coming. These feelings started about 3 days before my Pregnancy test. My boob were so swollen and my nipples were itchy, also my veins around my breast were very pronounced.

This time, NOTHING! I can't believe it. It could be that my body has already gotten used to a pregnancy since I already have one? I don't know. The only thing is that I spotted yesterday. Kind of made me nervous. In a while I will check if I am spotting. I hope not. The problem is that I don't lay a foot to rest. I am way too active.

In your post you mentioned that [b][i]your dr changed the treatment[/b][/i]. I think that was a good idea because the results showed by you having healthier eggs. Also, I wanted to mentioned that in my last IVF, my Dr only put 2 eggs. I begged for 3 and he did not want. He was afraid for multiples as well. I remember he mentioning that I had grade AA as well. This time around I don't think my eggs were AA grade but it worked. Now I will keep my fingers crossed that I get to term.

BTW, please keep asking questions. I will love to help. I hope this time your test is BFP!

Baby dust your way. Sorry for the long post.
Rbettis... thank you so much for getting back to me... and I appreciate the story about your friend... I have a friedn who is 43 and she is pregnant naturally... all went well.

I have had all testing done... immune, etc.. everything was normal...2 cycles they even put me on heparin (blood thinner), just to make sure it was not a clotting issue... DH tested normal also... it simply is my age they tell me... which is hard to swallow considering my youngest is 3. they did 2 uterine surgeries also, to clean everything out, even though nothing was there (scar tissue, fibriods, polyps, etc). I went to Dr Navot (the man who discovered the Clomiphene Citrate Challenge Test for ovarian reserve... did first cycle (PGD) with him, then moved on to SIRM or SHER (they go by either)... did 5 fresh cycles and 1FET with them... they had me on everything you could imagine... very high dosage of follistim, lupron, ganarelix, menopur, steriods the entire time even when not stimming (gained 40 pounds) ... now have moved on to another RE locally (the 3 hour drive was killing me)... local RE changed the protocol... no lupron, no heparin, no steriods, low dose of follistim, added Ganarelix late into stimming (day 5)... had a great result, but miscarried. did massage, acupunture, etc... for all cycles. I meet with the Doc again on Monday...

As for God... I have been praying and talking and pleading, etc... I told him yesterday that I feel like he parted the Clounds looked down at me and said "I HATE YOU"... but then I laughed, I'm hoping he did too! My father believes some of gods greatest gifts are unanswered prays... right now, I'm not buying it...

so... I go again Monday... perhaps I can get them to change something... we shall see..

thank you again for getting back to me...greatly appreciated... I wish you so much joy and a happy and healthy pregnancy...

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