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Hi everyone. I went for my first IUI last Friday. I had a surge on Thursday and by Friday I still did and it was extremely dark (although it was definitely positive Thurs also). This is what I am confused by: I got pregnant with my daughter because I didn't realize I ovulate very early every cycle. At that point, I was trying NOT to get pregnant! I have learned over the years that usually I ovulate around day nine or ten. This month was no different. However, the OPK was positive THurs Fri and Sat and then by Sunday was negative. Now today, (Five days after my initial surge) I had another VERY positive surge again. This is cycle day 13... All through all of these days, I have had many symptoms that I always have during ovulation... pains in the ovary area, etc.. That usually lasts for a good week or sometimes more. My temp always seems to go up by about 2 or 3 tenths of a degree 3 1/2 days after my very first positive surge. It usually goes up to at least 97.7 or so. I am noticing that (like this month) my temp dips quite a bit about cycle day 7 and 8 and then I have my surge and it's usually up some that day.. sometimes it stays up and sometimes it may go back down a little bit until it really elevates. So, I have the surge, my temp goes up a little, and then about 3 to 4 days later is when I have the really big elevation in temp which usually coincides with when I have ANOTHER positive OPK, which is what is happening now. Anyone have any ideas about this? I am wondering if I really ovulated last week when they did the IUI since I have another surge now. Last month I had my second surge like this and then my temp went up quite a bit higher the next day.. and it looks like it's happening again.. The dr doesn't do ultrasounds or use any meds or check follies or anything so I have no way of knowing by that. I just worry about this second surge thing and don't understand why I'd have the inital surge at cycle day 9 or ten if I wasn't ovulating.. and also don't understand why I have this second surge.. right before my temp goes up to its highest point. Any ideas?

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