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Thanks guys, I feel better but still bloated.

Kim, I will have my prego test next tuesday. I am at only 2 1/2 days. I am really not feeling anything right now.

Everynow and then I feel sore boobs and kid of feel period is coming. No crampings. I only felt crampings day 2 after the ET.

I feel I am not pregnant. Last pregnancy by this time I was totally feeling my Period coming and huge crampings. Do you know of anyone that doesn't feel anything and was still prego?

Do you think if I do a pregnancy today can it give accurate results?

I just can't wait for my test. I really don't want to even go so they don't tell me I am not pregnant.
Hi mady, hi Kim,

Yesterday my prego test came Positive:bouncing:. It was at a 250. They said it was a good number. I am scheduled tomorrow for another Blood test to see if the number keep doubling.

BTW, at 3 weeks, did you feel taping or like bubbles in your stomach. I feel them in different places, like if there was two bubbles popping. Kind of what I felt with Alex when she was only 13 weeks. This time I feel it now (earlier), but a lot lighter. Do you think I am possible feeling the baby or it is just product of my imagination? I have been feeling this for the last 2 weeks.

P>S>. OOOps!! I think I need to move to the pregnancy board. sorry.

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