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I'm a little confused :confused: on something. First off we got great news we can start our IUI if I do good on the 50 mg Clomid. but my question is this.

Our RE is starting me on 50 mg Clomid tueday due to part of my hormone is a little low and he said for us to come back the 29th to see how I'm doing on the Clomid an if responding to it he would do a trigger shot of HCG. I'm not sure what brand of shot he will be using.

Now here is were I'm confused. How soon after a HCG trigger shot do they do a IUI? 24 hrs, 1 day or 2 day?
I'm a little worried due to I don't get paid til the 1st an may not get to do this one. We pay straight out of pocket also..

Can anyone tell me how soon after a HCG trigger shot they do a IUI?

We are very new to this.
I have your answer I just completed the second round of iui, using clomid and the ovidril (Trigger shot) which really does nothing more than induce ovulation. Our doctor does it 36-42 hours after the shot has been given. I think the reason why is you have to give your body time to metabolize the shot and then to release your eggs. I read alot and ask a lot of questions and fortunately my mother in law is a nurse. Good luck and baby dust.:):)


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