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Apr 25, 2009
Hello ladies! I promised I'd come back and share the news of my pregnancy, and here it is: I am pregnant!! I'm so excited, I just don't know what to do with myself! As some of you read before on my previous post, my husband and I were devestated with our failed IVF (it was my first cycle). But we didn't give up hope. I started a fresh cycle immediately. Because of the meds, AF took her time coming, so I had to wait until the end of March to start my meds (doctor didn't want to induce my period). Even before the start of the meds, hubby and I were in good spirits! We just decide this time, instead of being anxious about everything, we were going to leave it in the hands of God (Jesus). So we went about our daily lives, still doing everything we normally did.....and guess what? After the egg retrieval and transfer, the 2ww went by surprisingly fast! I was not scared or nervous in the least bit.

Back to my story.......

I started feeling as if I was going to get my period around day 6 after the transfer. But, because I'd "googled" so much, and learned a lot about symptoms, etc. I learned that the feelings I had could very well be a sign of implantation. I prayed and continued to give it to God. Three days later, I started spotting. It was brownish and mucus like. Again, I gave it to God. We just resigned ourselves to the fact that God would take care of things. And that indeed if He wanted me to have my husband's children, then nothing on this earth could stop His will in this matter from coming to pass.

I continued to spot the same stuff, but it was never enough to even fill a pantyliner. I did keep a close watch though. In addition to the spotting, I had "period" like cramps! I also was experiencing pain in my lower back and side. I was all the while making mental notes of my symptoms, googling and taking it easy. I never spotted enough to even fill half a panyliner, although the smell wasn't too pleasant. Oh, experience headaches that would come and go. I also learned that this could also be a symptom of implantation. The stories I read on this and other forums encouraged me greatly!

I finally went in for my beta on 4/24, I got a call 4 hours later with the good news....that my beta was 360!! BFP!! I have to go in next week to test again to see if my numbers are rising. Of course at this point, they're not sure how many embryos implanted (I had 4 embryos w/assisted hatching transfered). I believe that "all is well" and that my babies are growing healthy, normal and are cozy inside my uterus. My husband and I are so happy! We've already told half our church! God has truly blessed us! I believe that God chose the embryos that He wanted to be born and at the time He set aside for them to be born. That may be why the 1st cycle was unsuccessful.......just a thought.

Ladies, believe God and stay positive! With God all things are possible! I hope my story has given others hope, as your stories had given me hope!
May the face of God shine upon you all! I mention the ladies on this forum in my prayers.......

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