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If you saw my other posts, you read that I had my 2nd IUI yesterday (TTC our 1st). Unexpectedly, DH's sperm count was low- 12 million before washing and only 4 million after. It is quite discouraging, as his count has never been low before. We started this whole process because my follicle size was borderline and DH had borderline low morphology. Now this! Anyone have any IUI success stories with such a low count? If so, how many good size follicles did you have? I had 2 good sized follicles this time with the help of Clomid. I thought that was good until I started reading that 3-4 is ideal for IUI. With all these different issues, should we continue trying with IUI (probably with the injectables) or go right to IVF? Over the summer, I will turn 36 and DH will turn 37, so we're not getting any younger! The good news is that my insurance is pretty good- covers everything for IUI- and DH's is even better- will cover IVF. When the time comes, I'll switch over to DH's insurance, so I don't have to base any of these decisions on the money part of it. Don't get me wrong- I am HOPING that I get my BFP this month. But, I'm also a planner, so I want to hope for the best while making a plan for what to do next month if things don't work out. Any input is appreciated, as my head is starting to spin! :dizzy: ~Jess
Hi there!

My story will hopefully bring you some hope.

My husband and I went for our first IUI treatment in June. I took clomid 100mg days 3-8. My husband was on Fertilaid which we bought on the internet. It brought his count from 3.5 million to 84 million! We struggled with morphology as well, the best was 10% the lowest 4%. The Fertilaid didn't help with that. My tests all proved to be normal. On the day of our IUI we had 5 million post wash. The nurse said that was on the low side but still good. Well, I took a pregnancy test today and it was positive!! So don't you worry, 4 million can still do the trick! I've heard of people with 250,000 sperm getting pregnant with IUI. I wish you the best of luck! I have read so many posts trying to find some hope but now I'm on the other end and I know you will be too! Best wishes!
I agree with trying to relax, and I agree it seems near impossible to do. Last november when my DH's sperm count was only around 5 million and his morphology was still under 10% we had signed up for the IVF program because we were told that was the only way we were going to get pregnant. Since I had an answer and some hope i relaxed and BAM!! We got pregnant that month naturally. I did miscarry the next month unfortunately. Don't give up hope! If you want to increase his count I recommend the Fertilaid for men vitamins. They made a world of difference for us!
festivus checking to see how you are doing. Hope your hanging in tight. We tried ttc naturally but it failed AF showed her ugly face July 5th so going to call my RE the 6th to see when come in for another Ultrasound to start my meds again. I'm in someway looking forward to this cycle. I hope and prayer that my ultrasound turns out good so can ahead. Hopeing when comes time to do 2nd IUI hope my DH count has came up more.

Will be thinking of you an checking in time an time to see how your holding out. Hope you don't give up yet, Hang in there I need a buddy to chat with once a while.

Before I go here is what my DH count was before washing an then after.DH's sperm count was low 10 million before washing and only 3 million after. There is why I'm hopeing his count be up more when do 2nd IUI. Need more.. LOL.

littlelisa403 how long did your DH take the Fertilaid for how many months before his count went up like that?

Right now my Dh is taking all types of vitmens which is slowly bringing up his count, morphology and movement. At first it was only 3 million now it is up to 10 million that before wash of course. Our RE said he had people get a BFP with only 1 million.

Here me an my DH is trying to relax but it is hard to since our DD is getting older an we are too.

Good Luck everyone...
Got great news today :) We get to start our 2nd IUI very soon. I start taking 100 mg Clomid tomorrow 5-9 and then go back next Thursday the July 16th to see how things look if looks good will have my trigger shot. I'm praying we get to do the IUI the next day., The doctor put me on a chewable multivitamin that children take since having problems with prenatal vitamins he also put me on more Folic Acid .

I asked him why didn't it work the first time an he said this. He said everything was prefect on my end but my DH sperm count that is low just didn't get it this last time but the way he talked he thinks this time will go. He took me from 50mg Clomid to 100mg to see if I will produce more follices. He said it does take just one follice to get a BFP but he wants to see if can get my ovaires to produce more. I'm keeping my that it works. We've had a very long day but when went to see RE today I was very relaxed an Happy.

festivus PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude. Don't every say that word DUMB.. If don't ask will not know.

Good Luck on your IUI.. Tons of Baby Dust to You... :wave:

I'm so excited this time for some odd reason..

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