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I turn 36 this month and DH turns 37 next month. We have been TTC our first for about a year and a half. We started out with "borderline" issues, but DH's numbers have been inconsistent. I had borderline follicle size. DH initially had good numbers other than slightly low morphology (for 2 SAs and 1 round of IUI). Last IUI he only had a count of 12 million before washing and 4 million after washing. Luckily, the doc feels that the low count was a fluke, and thinks we still have a reasonable chance of success with IUI. I just started my first cycle with injectables. Previously I did 2 cycles of IUI with Clomid, but no luck. Currently, I do daily injections of Lupron and Gonal-F, in addition to twice daily shots of Lovenox, a blood thinner (I have a genetic clotting condition that makes me prone to clots. The injectables further increase my risk for a clot, so the Lovenox is taken as a precaution to minimize the increased risk). So far, no serious side effects from the injectables, although doing 4 daily shots gets a little overwhelming (and it's only been 2 days!). Some days, I really have to take it one shot at a time, in that I can't think about how many total shots I have to do over the coming weeks, just that I can do the shot I need to do right now in this moment. It does help me not to get too overwhelmed. I am on CD 5 right now and have my next appointment tomorrow where they'll decide if they need to change the dosage. I didn't realize I'd have to be so closely monitored (appointments every 2-3 days!), but I know it's for the best. Lots of baby dust to you! I hope we get our BFPs soon!
Littlebo & Jenn,
Nice to know there are a couple others on similar timelines! Littlebo, I do give myself all the shots. DH would do it if I needed him to, but, like Jenn, I prefer to do them myself. If I start one, and it hurts too much, I just find another spot. The shots are somewhat similar to the trigger shots- pinch an inch around the abdomen and inject- but slightly more involved, as they are not the standard pre-filled shots like Ovidrel. The Lupron is in a vile, so I have to measure out the dosage in a syringe each time. The Gonal-F is pre-filled but multi-use. I have to put on a new needle each time and "dial in" the dosage. I went back to the doc today for monitoring. They said my follicles looked a little small, even for it only being CD6. Then they said they would wait to get the results of the bloodwork before deciding whether to up my dose of Gonal-F. If my estrogen was low, then they'd up the dose. Well, I just got a voicemail that they doubled my dose from 75 to 150, so I guess my estrogen was low. I'm not small ;) so I'm never surprised when they have to increase the dose! How about you ladies? Any recent appointments?

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