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Re: IUI #2 Done
Jul 21, 2009
The first IUI was different from the 2nd IUI. The first IUI had cramping for a few days with some bleeding. The trigger shot on the first IUI I was really tired all the time but this 2nd trigger shot was alot different. Not sure if RE changed it or what but this time when RE nurse was giving me my trigger shot it burned going in like heck. A few hours later I got sick in stomach from it. Didn't with first trigger shot.

After had 2nd IUI everything was different this time. Hard to explain but everything was alot different. The next day after had IUI around 8am the next morning I got hit with ovulation pain that was like a tons of bricks hitting me hard but it only lasted about 5mins. I hope everything works out this time for us. After ttc for over 8 years hope soon we get our BFP.. Since been home I've been going to sleep around 12 at night an sleeping all night. Did have some light cramping for a 2 days but now it gone sometimes have some wierd feelings in side. Woke up this morning around 5:30am a little sick in stomach not sure why but have had tons of things on mind. Ended up calling RE office this evening and talked to the nurse about the pain I had the next day after IUI and she said it sounded like I ovulated that morning also an the timing was perfect for the IUI we done this time. She is very sweet an understanding.

Forgot to add when had 2nd IUI our RE told us to BD the next day to cover all things. So we BD the night we was home from hotel. That was on Sat night had ovulation pain on Sat morning around 8am. So hopefully that helps things this time too..

Now have to wait an see what happens. I'm now 4dpiui if got that correct. I'm not really been keeping up with it,just trying to have PMA that all will work out and have faith in GOD.

Good Luck to everyone on their 2ww too...

Sending tons of Baby Dust to everyone.. :wave:
Re: IUI #2 Done
Jul 29, 2009
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hey, Ladies! I wanted to join in as I'm 2dpIUI. Boy, this has been wild. It's my 2nd IUI, but first one w/injectables (Follistim). I had wicked pains last week; felt like OV pains. The nurse said on Friday the doctor was very happy with my response and even advised given I had 3 good size follicles for us to realize chance of multiples if do get BFP. We decided to proceed. I did trigger shot Saturday @ 11pm and our IUI Monday @ 1145am. DH did so good; his SA was 55 million (they say they are happy with 5-10 mil). This IUI didn't even bother me. Helped that I told them my OB/GYN had trouble doing my first saying he had to curve the catheter to the left. My RE nurses looked on US and saw my canal curves left. They put a 'kink' in catheter and it went right in. I had discomfort ~ 3 hours later; felt like trapped gas-which lasted through the night.
I started on Prometrium caps last night which I understood helps keep the uterine lining ready if I get PG. The RE nurse advised to take @ bedtime b/c it makes you sleepy. Boy was she right! I went to sleep fast and slept hard! LOL!
Wish us all lots of baby dust for BFPs!!! [/FONT]

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