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Re: IUI #2 Done
Jul 18, 2009
Hi slyfoxy,

tomorrow will be ur day 1. I wish you success in this cycle..I am hve two back to back iui this cycle..on monday and tuesday..::)

I asked my RE if I should ignore all ovulation symptoms because I am having cervical mucous and stuff..He said yes..

Keep us posted..all the best

[QUOTE=SlyFoxy;4039555]I'm laying here on the hotel bed with feet up resting. Had IUI today I timed when the swimmers was let loose this time which was at 10:15am. The last time had IUI done it hurt a little with some cramping but this time it went smoother. So far this evening had very little cramping but due to ovulation pain. Even the RE said it was easier this time for him to do... I asked him how the follice looked an it was at 27 an was getting ready to pop soon plus the lineing was perfect. He told me it was getting really gray looking which means it's ready to go out the door.. The RE said it was perfect timing this time hope to goodness the swimmers can find their way this time to the eggie.

This 4th SA Results was a little lower this time but it was 5 million before wash and 3 million with motily of 51% after wash so I think that is great.
Heading home in the morning from hotel which is a 2hr drive. So DH is driving while I rest.. Will take it easy an rest because I know tomorrow will be really tired an wanting to sleep most the time.
Just now have to wait an see what happens.. Which hope it does work this time...
Sending BabyDust to everyone on here...

Do I count today as day one or tomorrow??[/QUOTE]

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