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Hi Jill30,

It really upsets me when the doctors put a percentage on having a baby. :mad: Everyone's body is different and there should never be a percentage. The doctor told me I had a 10% chance with the meds and I had a great pregnancy and I have a healthy 2 year old. I had a IUI in Dec of '06 and my husbands sperm is 180 million. I just don't ovulate. Well we are trying for a second one right now. I go for an HSG as soon as I call the doctor when my AF starts because he just wants to make sure everything is clear since I haven't had a period in 2 years. (well like three periods in 2 years) And then with Clomid (have never taken that) and Repronex shots. I don't know your fertility history but again no doctor should ever! put a percentage on not being able to have a baby. My husband was so discouraged when the doctor said that, if I hadn't of pushed and been so positive we wouldn't have our son :)

Well I just wanted to wish you good luck and just keep trying, it only take one to make a baby, you never know what will happen. Please keep me updated and please DO NOT be discouraged with the percentage.

sending you lots of baby dust

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