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Katie - BFP - Big Fat Positive (pregnancy Test) , BFN - Big Fat Negative
DH - Dear Husband (I think)

Don't worry, when I first started on these boards, I didn't have a clue what all of the abbreviants meant either!!

Amy - I am so excited for your retrieval tomorrow! Glad it is moving along.

I started my first Lupron injection last nite! It wasn't at all as bad as I thought...didn't even feel it. I was anxious over nothing.

Keep us posted. Good luck tomorrow. I know they will be aquiring a lot of good eggies!!

Re: Fresh IVF cycle
Sep 24, 2009
thanks Ivf. When is your test for pregnancy? How many did you transfer?
Hey ladies, glad to hear from u. I have my prego test tomorrow. I did have two small light spotting today. I feel as if i am going to start my period. I am so ready for the test.

Rae, the waiting is draining mentally. Hangs in there girl! Glad to hear you had the brown bloody discharge. That is from implantation. I didn't have any of that. I did have the cramping.

Ladies, God is in control of our pregnancy or if there is no pregnancy. We really didn't talk about what if we weren't till last night. Our faith is so strong, that after I had the dream, knew that this is what God wanted for us. I have two previous children, they are 16 and 10. Had my tubes tied at 30, married a man this year with no children. We are only doing IVF once. The cost and mental drain on us is to much to go thru again, should it not work out. I am praying for each one of you. God bless you, Carmela :angel:
Rae there is good and with with progesterone. Good being that it helps with pregnancy but bad cuz it make u feel pregnant. Annoying I know. So what you could be feeling could be either pregnancy or drugs. Sorry, not helpful I know...

When do u get to take your PG test?

[QUOTE=Rae37;4093118]Yes, good luck Carmela! let us know! I am praying for you!

i had my progesterone test this morning. will find out later today if my body is getting enough.etc. I am starting to feel crappy from the progesterone. My boobs are really sore too. Has anyone had this from the progesterone? I doubt it would be from a being preggo since i just had my transfer on Tues and most likely the implantation would have not happened yet or maybe it is now. I get occasionaly period like cramping, but it comes and goes. I am paranoid b/c I always get cramping starting a week or maybe more before AF.

Let us know Carmela!

~ Rae[/QUOTE]
My pregnancy test is monday the 12th. The waiting stinks!

What about you?

~ Rae

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