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Re: Fresh IVF cycle
Aug 27, 2009

I don't know if I am an expert in the IVF world. I am on my 2nd round of fresh IVF, and the first round resulted in BPN.

I remember that I was pretty nervous during my first round. My friend that has gone through IVF herself kept telling me to relax and think positively. I didn't do that very well during the first round, but I am trying it out during this round. I am not practicing this perfectly (still have moments of doubt and nervousness), but I am hoping that every little bit of stress-free moment will pay off with a BFP at the end!

For this cycle, I am seeking accupunture treatment while I am on the IVF medications. Multiple people have claimed that it helped them to have a successful IVF. I am also trying to manage my stress better by getting a massage in the middle of my stimulation cycle and do yoga about 2-3 times per week. The drugs are really affecting my emotion this round and the yoga has really helped me.

Since you travel so much, I would make sure that the hotel rooms you stay in have a small frig. Both my lupron (generic brand) and my follistim have to be refrigerated at all times.

I can't imagine having to schedule all of the follow-up appts with a job that have alot of traveling. It is already hard enough to work in all of the appointments without a traveling job!

So, I will have to give you the same advice that I received. Try your best to stay relaxed and minimize your worry when possible. Good luck!


[QUOTE=kmscher;4065427]I am in the early stages of starting my first IVF cycle. They still have me on the birth control pills but I start the lupron at the end of next week. My doctor then has me starting Gonal f and Menopur before I go in for retrievals and implantation. Throughout this process I have been pretty stress free up till now but IVF worries me a bit. I complicate things by traveling for a living so scheduling the appointments is quite a task. Does anyone have any good advice for a newbee?[/QUOTE]

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