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I think the reason people wait so long is because they are holding onto hope that IUI will work and it is less involved, quicker and less costly than IVF. Or maybe they think the timing is off on an IUI and that the next month it will be better.

My doctor's protocol was 6 IUI's before moving to IVF. I did 5 IUI's and then was so disgusted and frustrated that I refused to do anymore and changed RE's because I felt like I was wasting my time with first doctor. I wish I had moved on sooner.
[B]Why do people wait so long to change from IUI to IVF?[/B]

Here is my answer.. Not everyone has the money to do IVF due to their insurance doesn’t cover it or maybe they don’t have a program to help them with IVF.. Here it cost 10,000 to have it plus we’ve got to come up with close to 3,000 for meds. So right now we are paying off more bills so can move on to this if needs to be. Our RE did say to me I was a great candidate for IVF due to responding great to meds. The last 2 IUI’s I had with other RE I was taking Clomid an only had one follicle each time and had a trigger shot then IUI done the next day which was only 24hrs never worked but with the new RE an he put me on Femara I took had 4 follicles.. Never had to have a trigger shot due to ovulated on my own. Had IUI done 36hrs later an RE said I was ovulating while he was doing the IUI. The ultrasound showed I was ovulating so hopefully this works if not will be moving on..

We’ve got insurance but it doesn’t cover any IVF stuff at all nor does it cover any the meds. We’ve done 2 IUI’s with one doctor that was a BFN and he wasn’t doing his job correctly so we switched RE to a different doctor an his protocol was a lot different. This new RE we have done a IUI but after he done this IUI he said this he will not be doing any other IUI’s until my DH goes to a specialist to see what is causing his sperm count to be low long with the motility. Our RE thinks that my Dh has a problem with Varicocele. My DH count has came up slowly it at first was 10 million an motility was at first 50% to 60% but this last time his count was 12million an his motility was 35%. So our RE is a little worried about that. That what I said is before washing. After the wash his count was 4million with motility only 40%.

We’re praying this IUI that we had last with the new RE works. If not my DH is still going to a specialist to be checked an then in 3 months he will have another SA to see how things look. If nothing improves we are moving onto IVF/ICSI..

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