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Hello all,
Retrieval went well today. We have 3 "not-bad" eggs... meaning.. they aren't bad so they must be the opposite (some degree of 'good') .. so we're moving forward.

I have two doctors. One uses very optimistic words, and the other only states the facts, with little encouragement. So of course today I got the 2nd doctor for the retrieval... thus the "you have 3 eggs" and "they are not-bad".

My husband says that its better to not be overly optimistic, then if things don't work out we aren't as upset by the results (glass is half empty view). Less distance for our hopes to fall. I felt like things would be more likely to progress if I have an optimistic approach. But I'm not sure whether staying positive has any impact. (?)

Transfer is scheduled for Saturday morning... (assuming all goes well with the embryo's over the next few days). I'm still hopeful, as we seem to be above the curve for a couple at our ages.

I think it will all come down to whether my body lets the embryo(s) attach after transfer.

Regardless of all that my Dr(s) or my husband say, I'm going to continue to remain hopeful until we get the final results.

Hoping & praying for positive results from Transfer and then then for the 2ww.
I'll post back after Saturday's procedure.

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