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Re: November IVF?
Nov 9, 2009
Hi, ckrjb!

Day four now, right? I feel great, but nothing feels like it is moving or shaking just yet. As long as our blood work looks good and there is growth evident on the ultrasounds, who needs to suffer, right?

Just to hedge my bets, I printed a picture of an ovary with lots of developing follicles to help visualize success. You should see my healthy egg picture collection! My DH thinks it a little wacky, but wacky always wins! :jester:

Everyone's stim. side-effects are different, and I am sure the veterans on this thread will confirm that for you. I can tell you that at this point on my earlier cycles there was nothing much happening. All I can recall from days 1-6 were some PMS-type symptoms that I am now associating with the Lupron---again, totally my own experience. Lupron is a wonderful supression therapy----especially when it results in a healthy baby!

When I did notice some changes in how my ovaries felt was during stim. day 7 or 8. For me, it was exactly the same kind of sustained twinge---very point-specific and very bearable---that I would occasionally experience when ovulating. The common name for ovulation pain is mittelschmerz. If you have ever experienced pain in the area of ONE ovary on a day about halfway through your cycle then you probably know what I mean. I would call my experience mittelschmerz-like but longer-lasting.

I hope that helps! Keep me posted on your progress, and let me know if you ever experience(d) mittelschmerz. My girlfriends are so tough, they do not even complain about cramps, let alone ovulation pain! I'm green with envy! :p


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