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festivus I want to let you know I be crossing everything for you. Praying you will get your BFP this time. I know how hard it is. Hope you all don't have to do IVF but if have to know I be thinking of you all and praying.

Here is what I posted on the other post but thought I post it here to share what was said from other doctor.

DH doesn't have any cancer at all.. His FSH/LH is normal but his testosterone levels are low at 196. So his new doctor is going to be starting him on 50mg Clomid to hopefully improve his sperm count and motilty. He said to come back in 2 months to have his testosterone level checked again to see how going. He said we can get ready to start IUI's again as his sperm count maybe low but there is still hope. He believes that the Clomid will help big time. He said lots of reason the motilty is low at times is due to the testies gets to hot due to my DH weight but his new doctor is very hopeful for us. But we're not going to do any IUI's until after he been on the Clomid for a while so we can rest. We need a break due to traveling so much. This has taken a lot of us. So will take a break for a while then start again after we find out what the levels are in Jan 2010

festivus Here we thought be taking a big break but found out yesterday evening from our other doctor that DH needs to come in next month to have a SA done so can see how things look already. Then Dh will have bloodwork done a week later at our local hosptial then Jan back to his doctor. We got the go ahead from his doctor to do IUI's but my doctor no go ahead of yet until DH has the other SA to see how his sperm count an all looks. What a wild rough road. Can't wait til we can start again.

Good Luck Hun!!!!:wave:
festivus? How are you doing Hun? I'm been thinking about you and wondering how your feeling. I try to be as supportive as can be. I really hope you get your BFP this time around.

AFM: Still hanging in tight. We go to my RE Dec 9th for my DH to have a SA done. Thought would have some time off to rest but nope will not. Which is ok in lots of ways. Since get to see how things are going. Then Dec 15th he goes have bw to see how his level are again. Gosh I hope they are coming up. I've been praying this be our month as my BDay is tomorrow so another year older like to have a BFP for this month.

Will check back on you later.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal.

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