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Hi!:wave: I have done 3 frozen cycles, (1 in '06, 1 in '08 and 1 in '09). All of them were significantly less complicated, much less stressful and shorter than any of my fresh cycles (which I also did 3 of)!! You do not have to stim because, essentially you are putting in the embryos you already stimmed for in the fresh cycle. So, primarily all you technically have to do is suppress (so you don't ovulate) and then thicken your lining to be ready to accept your embies. I did the first one at a different clinic than the other 2 so there, I took birth control for about 10 days and also had to put on estrogen patches. Then right before transfer, I had to start progesterone until the pregnancy test. For the other 2, all my meds were by mouth and the progesterone was the same procedure. The are plenty of pros to a frozen cycle vs. fresh! And the only con I can think of is that they can sometimes not make the thaw and you end up losing some. Remember, you may never need to do the frozen if you get pregnant with the fresh!!
Good luck!!!:angel:
And was the order and stats for me:
1st fresh IVF--April '06 (put in 2 day 3s) = BFN, had 2 to freeze
1st frozen --June '06 (put in 2 blasts) = chemical
2nd fresh --July '06 (put in 2 blasts) = BFP (had my daughter):D had none to freeze
3rd fresh --July '08 (put in 2 day 3s) = chemical, had 9 to freeze
2nd frozen --September '08 (put in 3 day 3s that grew an extra day) = BFN
3rd frozen --January '09 (same as above) = BFP (had twins!):D :D
**We had 3 embryos left that we just recently donated to science/research.**

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