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I am having ovulation/cycle problems so they did blood work.. Here is the senerio, if someone could shed some light on it I'd love it.. I am trying to get pregnant but it's not happening easy however we haven't started timing, kits etc yet..

IUD inserted in Feb 09 (No periods obviously after that) It was put in for bone medicine therapy. I went off the bone meds in September so they removed the IUD in October, never bled afterwards and no period yet.

Finished BC Pills on Nov 29th. No period yet as well so off everything and nothing...

Provera 5 day dosage from Dec 9-13th, no period yet either....

Finally my doctor ordered me to get blood work. So far these test results are back and I'm soooo new to all this fertility stuff.

Procedure FSH @ Proclactin @ DHEA SO4 @
Reference 3 7 49
Units Range (1-24) Range (35-430)

The Testosterone, Estradiol, Adult Premeno Female and 17 Hydroxyprogestrone are not back yet.

I'm reading that I'm in the Luneal phase on the FSH (3rd day when the test was taken, is that right? So the test was taken on Wed so 16th

But what does the rest of it mean? Seems from the ranges I'm low in everything.

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