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Cool! Good luck to you. Keep us posted on everything.

I go in tomorrow AM for blood and ultrasound and hopefully have the go ahead to start stims! I am on follistim and menopur. Not looking forward to this part, but we have to do what we have to do!

Baby Dust to all!!!

Rae ;-)
[QUOTE=cynder001;4159721]i am also starting ivf this month - been on lupron injections for one week and hopefully will start menopur/bravelle next week after ultrasound & blood test.

best of luck to you! :)[/QUOTE]

WElcome Cynder001! Good luck! I don't really like Lupron, but it's what we have to do!

I started my stims on Sat! :bouncing::bouncing::bouncing: 150 units of Menopur /75units of Follistim in the Am and 150units of Follistim / 75 units of Menopur in the PM. Boy, does the PM shot burn! 1cc of liquid. I think I may start icing.

Please keep all your fingers crossed for me.

Charmed - how are you doing?

HopeImLucky -
I am glad you are trying again. Keep positive and I am sure it will happen for you.
This is my 2nd IVF attempt too. My first ended in a chemical pregnancy.
Good luck on everything and keep us posted.

I am on day 5 of my stims (follistim and menopur) and I go back tomorrow AM for another check. Not sure of my follicle size so far. I went on Tues AM and they didn't tell me....just.. "it looks good"!" I hate that! I want to know how many more days. Maybe tomorrwo I will know. I am getting tired of the injections already. I am bruising really bad from them this time. Last time I don't remember bruising this much. Anyoen have any sugesstions for avoiding bruising?

Hope everyone is well. I will post again tomorrow.!

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