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Re: Iui n cyst
Feb 22, 2010
Hi Pavi!

I don't know any quick accurate way to get pregnant--- if there is, I'd love to know it! If it's any consolation, I also got a negative after my first IUI. I was distraught. But after doing my second one, I got pregnant! Maybe try doing IUI again? Or talk to your RE and think about doing IVF.
If you want, what I"m also doing, is really watching what I'm eating and working out when I can. Honestly, I think meditation and yoga and acupuncture work wonders too, even if you use them with treatments. Infertililty has been around as long as time; and our ancient sisters must have used something to help them, right? But anyhow, that's just my little opinion. But whatever might help, right? :D

Re: Iui n cyst
Mar 3, 2010
[QUOTE=pavianand;4188436]dis is my 2nd iui n having simple cyst in my left ovary ....n from 15th day to 25th day i used susten 300 am in dilemaaa dat i would pregnant r not no symptoms ...... i married last 3yrs back but am still unable to get pregnant .....i had done laproscopy last 8months back ...result is normal .....can u plz suggest me better way to get pregnant as early as possible[/QUOTE]

I had a very large cyst in my left ovary as well. I went to see my naturopath and she had me putting castor oil on a flannel cloth and warming up the cloth and them placing it over my lower abdomen (where my ovaries are). After 2 weeks, my cyst decreased by 50% (confirmed by u/s at my obgyn's office).

She told me to stop doing the castor oil after I ovulated. I would recommend that you look into this as well.

My naturopath also told me to limit my sugar intake and to exercise daily. She said that this might help with regulating the hormones. Having a cyst can release hormones at the wrong times (which is why it can sometimes make it hard to become pregnant).

I also do fertility yoga (can be helpful for stimulating the thyroids and other organs) and acupuncture. It helps me relax. the bottom line is to find things that make you feel good about yourself.
I am a bit of a control freak so I find it helpful to do as many activities as possible to try and help the success of the IUIs i have undergone.

My OBGYN said that her office has a success rate on IUIs of 25% (with clomid) and IVFs a 50% chance. So if you want the quickest route, I would recommend IVF. Just a warning though, they are very expensive so it is usually best to try 3 or 4 rounds of IUI with Clomid and very close monitoring by your OBGYN

I wish you luck.

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