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My story. I am 30, my husband is 31. We are both "healthy". We have been trying for 14 months. My husband has been tested and is fine.

We did one round of natural cycle monitoring. It discovered that I had a large cyst in my left ovary in August 2009. It has since decreased in size (but is still there). I had a sonohyst and it showed that my right tube is open and they couldn't tell about my left side.

We did a second round of cycle monitoring this month but with the intent to do IUIs.

Here is what happened. My estrogen levels were low. On day 17, my doctor told me to start taking Clomid. I took it for 50mg for 5 days.

On day 22, I had an LH surge. My follicles weren't large enough (1.4 & 1.3) and the U/S showed that no eggs were released. I did 4 more days of u/s and b/w. On day 26, my estrogen level was 5015, LH was 9 and PRG 9.26. My follicles were (2.0 & 2.3) Still none of them were releasing an egg

Day 26, I received an HCG shot and on day 27 I had my first IUI (after the u/s confirmed that each follicle released an egg). On day 28, I had a second IUI.

I go for a blood test on Monday. I am excited and hope that I have a positive test.

After reading all of the postings here, I was concerned as most of you started CLOMID on day 3 or 5 of your cycles. I started mine much later. I asked my doctor about that and she said that although i was on day 17 when i started, it was like I was on day 3 as my estrogen levels were so low (below 150).

Has anyone else experienced this? Also does anyone know what the chances of getting pregnant with an IUI are? My doctor said 25% but that my chances might be better as I am younger and healthier than her average patient. (which sounded sort of strange to me). Also, what are the chances of having twins?

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