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Well, we had a successful transfer! We didn't even have to question the doctors on putting back 3 embryos. When they came in to speak to me before the procedure, they went over how the embryos looked as of this morning and said they would advise to put back 3!

They are growing the 4th one out for a few more days to see if starts looking better. It was either at a 5 or 6 cell stage, but she said it was still very "uneven" or fragmented. Of the 3 we transferred, two of them had reached 6 cell stage of divisioin (they said they like 6-8 cell stage on day 3). One looked very good; they said it was even and on the outer edge it had little things developing that the doctor said help the embryo implant once in the uterus (yayyyy!!!!) The other 6 cell embryo had not divided as pretty as the other. The 3rd embryo we put back was at a 5 cell stage of division and it looked a lot like the 6 cell stage one as far as how evenly it had divided. Oh, btw the embryologist gave us a photo of our embryos!! How cool is that?!?! My DH said most parents have the first ultrasound of their child at 8 or so weeks when the heartbeat is first seen. We have a picture of ours at the very beginning stages of their life!

The doctor started today with another mock transfer to make sure they had the path. After some difficulty even with the ultrasound, they had me empty my bladder. She said my uterus is titled left and back which with my bladder full they felt it was making it harder to pass the catheter. Once I did that, it was smooth sailing! Now, I'm wondering how long implantation takes. I imagine the doctors don't even know for sure. They advised to take it easy over the weekend; not laid up in bed, but don't go running a marathon either. lol

I can't tell you how happy and excited we are. If I don't hear from you this weekend, I'll be looking out for an update on Monday/Tuesday about your blood test. Have a wonderful weekend & take care :wave:
Thanks Jenn. These next 2 weeks willl be filled with alot of anticipation and hope. The nurses said we could do a HPT the day before my blood draw, but regardless of the result they wanted me to have the HCG level checked. They said the HPT only picks up levels above 25. I would think though if a HPT read negative and the level is below 25 that wouldn't be a very good sign the pregnancy took. I was curious if this is something you did prior to your blood test? I also wondered if you knew how long implantation takes after IVF? I did some reading last night and most sources (on the net) said 3-5 days after the transfer.

Jill, I wanted to say "Hey" and welcome. So glad to have you here. It sounds like your first cycle is starting off very well. I just finished my first ever IVF cycle, too. I didn't have the greatest stim and the doctors feel I'm one of those women that don't respond welll with the Lupron. If we need to do another cycle, the RE has already told us our treatment plan will change. I wish you the very best and lots of baby dust! Please keep us posted.

Hope to hear from you ladies soon. Have a great weekend :wave:

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