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Thanks Jenn. These next 2 weeks willl be filled with alot of anticipation and hope. The nurses said we could do a HPT the day before my blood draw, but regardless of the result they wanted me to have the HCG level checked. They said the HPT only picks up levels above 25. I would think though if a HPT read negative and the level is below 25 that wouldn't be a very good sign the pregnancy took. I was curious if this is something you did prior to your blood test? I also wondered if you knew how long implantation takes after IVF? I did some reading last night and most sources (on the net) said 3-5 days after the transfer.

Jill, I wanted to say "Hey" and welcome. So glad to have you here. It sounds like your first cycle is starting off very well. I just finished my first ever IVF cycle, too. I didn't have the greatest stim and the doctors feel I'm one of those women that don't respond welll with the Lupron. If we need to do another cycle, the RE has already told us our treatment plan will change. I wish you the very best and lots of baby dust! Please keep us posted.

Hope to hear from you ladies soon. Have a great weekend :wave:
The reason they bring you back and repeat the HCG is because in early pregnancy the number is supposed to double every 48 to 72 hours. So they take one test and if it is positive they bring you back in 2 or 3 days and have you repeat to check for the increase. If it does not increase as it should be it could be a sign of a chemical pregnancy or some other issue. Most clinics do not have you come back if the first one is negative. With a low number they are still looking for the increase and depending on how it looks you may have to go in for more then 2 or 3 to check the ongoing rate of increase.
Just another thing to stress over. I hope that this answered your husbands question.
Congratulations on making it over a week in your 2ww. How are you guys doing?
Jill I hope things are still going well. Did you get your fertilization information yet?
I am still waiting for my next appointment.
Hi Jill,
Can you share with me your story? You are 43 and having IVF and I read you got 8 eggs which is amazing. That may be my next round or IVF with donor egg, BUT my RE is worried that I have these antibodies that my reject a pregnancy.
I had a beautiful DD 2 years ago at 40. I got pregnant on the first try so I thought I was a mircle woman and waited until my DD was 1 to start to try. That was 1 year ago. I have gotten pregnant 3 times. 1st was with clomid lost in 7th week, then Re tried pregonal and IUI with heprin, progestrine and asprin. got BFP but lost 7 weeks. Took a break and got pregnant naturally started the heprin, progestrine and asprin 14 past ovulation and could have been cause for lost after 1 week.
I really first thought is was an egg issue and was ready to do IVF or IVF with donor but RE wants to do more blood test to see how these antibodies may be effecting it bc he said I am fertile and it may not be an egg issue. I feel like my whole world is on hold until I can find out...
Please any advise for a 42 year old trying for number 2!

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