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Great news, Jenn! The embryologist called this afternoon and 4 out of the 6 have fertilized. What a relief. They have said even after fertilization the eggs still have to divide more, so hopefully these 4 will continue to divide. We were told to return to the clinic Friday morning for our transfer. I'm so excited and feeling so blessed.

I know you mentioned some cramps and spotting; don't get too worried about that. I believe I read the Progesterone shots (I believe you are on them now, right?) can cause spotting and even when pg you can still have some cramping. My prayers are with you and your family. Take it easy tonight and I can't wait to hear from you tomorrow!
That does help, Jenn. It makes sense the way you explained it. I thought I would be worried like you if I had any spotting while, I'm worried because I HAVEN'T had any spotting. I know you probably had your spotting due to implantation bleeding. Of course, not every woman has implantation bleeding. Oh, how I wish I could not think about these things so much and all the what ifs.

Speaking of what ifs.....every month around the time AF arrives, I have this feeling in my lower abdominal area of the muscles pulling. They pull real tight sometimes when I sneeze or turn over in bed. Well, this happened earlier today. I think of things like the round ligaments (I think that's what they are called) being stretched due to the changes going on in the uterus. I just pray this month they are pulling because we have a little fetus growing in there ;)

I tempted DH with testing in the morning here at home, but I'm pretty sure we are going to wait till Sunday morning. According to the chart that will be 9 days post transfer when "[I]more HCG is produced as fetus develops"[/I] if we are pg.

Jill, I can't wait to hear from you either! Things got kinda busy and hectic with us after our egg retrieval, so I can imgaine you are too. Best wishes for a very successful transfer!!! Let us know how it's going when you get a chance.

Ladies, have a great weekend!

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