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Jill, I felt very bloated during my stim and noticed I gained weight. Not significant wt gain like OHSS. My weight went down 4 lbs the day after my egg retrieval!

Girls, I'm 2 days into my 2ww and already so anxious and wanting to know something. Of course, I'm having feelings like I am already pg. That's probably the PIO shots, right? My bb are sore and I was queasy this morning. I told DH yesterday that I felt like "something" was going on in my lower pelvic area. I know it's crazy and probably all in my head. But, when you've wanted something so much and for so long it's hard not to imagine it already happening!

It's been a great weekend and looking forward to next week. Have some family stuff going on that should help the time pass easily. I never like to wish time away, but honestly I can't wait till my first blood test!!!!

Have a good one and I'll ttys :)
[QUOTE=Hoping4another;4237675]Hi all, today is my day 7- .....4 follicles on the R ranging from 20-15 and 4 on the left ranging from 18-12. My back is killing me and I feel like a bloated cow. Anyone else feel like this during stimulation? I am hoping for the trigger on Tues or Wed and the ER Thurs or Friday. I hope this bloating and generalized fat feeling goes away at some point.. Feeling weepy and tired and irritable and mad at myself for not feeling happier. after all I really do want to be pregnant very badly.
Thanks in advance,

I had a full feeling after about day 6 in my stims so that bloating is completely normal although unpleasant. Like Littlebo said weight gain is totally normal in this process and will eventually go away. I did not have any mood side effects but they are very common and most people get them.
What got me through was the eye on the prize. Without this process I would not be able to get pregnant and have a baby so all the shots and unpleasantness was for a purpose and as long as I thought of it that way the bloating etc was fine.
Good luck and please keep us posted as you progress.

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