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Thank you for all the support. I went to my IUI Dr. today. I am continuing on the drugs for 3 more days. I now have follicles on both the right and left side. My next ultrasound is in 3 days and we will see where we are. I also spoke with my IVF Dr. and she is looking at two options. The first is to do my IVF without using BC, she thinks it is possible that my ovaries were over suppressed by the BC. The other option is a new drug protocol that is getting good results but they have never used it. She is doing more investigation and is going to get back to me later this week. If we do the new protocol, we will wait until she returns (July) to start but if we simply remove the BC, then I will start with one of the other Dr. in the office until she returns. I am not going to let the timing influence me, I will go with which ever she thinks is best.

Hi there, thanks for your words of support and encouragement. I'm feeling much better and more together now. Its just such a blow for me when I first get the BFN. Anyway, we have decided to take a break from the meds, not give up, but use acupuncture and some other natural stuff for a couple months, and look to IVF unless this works before. I'm hoping this little break will help my body be in a great place to accept IVF, so I'm feeling more hopeful and excited, and a little relieved that I won't be at the doc so much this month. Just wishing I could hurry this process along, but I'm not in control completely here, so I'm accepting that. I'll still be on the board though. Amy, I hope everything is sticking well and growing! Sara, thinking good thoughts about your IUI!
So glad you have good numbers for the IUI this time, it at least gives good reason to be hopeful. I will meet with my acupuncture/chinese med. provider tomorrow and see what the plan is. I have not used herbs or done a liver clense because I started acupuncture later in the process, once I was already on meds. So, since we are taking a little break from meds, we are going to try and take advantage of this stuff now and see if it is beneficial! I'll let you know what they recommend.
Amy, hope you are feeling well!! I've had a nice morning because I went on a long run for the first time in 4 months, it was definitely a stress relief.
Have a great one ladies!
Hi ALl
Thank you for letting me share this journey with you all. After I see the RE I just want to run home and write to you'all.. My RE is going to run more and more test. The first tests he ran I did test positive for some antibodies and tested positive pholipid which all means that myt body may be getting rid of the pregnancy. And it could be greater then the medication I take to stop it. He said at 41 3/4 my body does not act its age andthat I am fertile but I have had 3 MC in a year. And b/c it stops after 6-7 weeks there is nothing to test to see if it is chromosone issues. So spending all the money on IVF or IVF and donor egg may end with the same result if my body is rejecting the egg.
Here is what I am doing... I am going to relax and wait for more blood work to come back. If I test more positive on these tests then I am going straight to adoption. I want to love a baby and my body is not prepared to give me it. If my test come back ok then I am going to do 1 more round of Menapur and IUI... if that does not work... ANd my antibodies are controled then IVF and donor...
But for now I am going to stay positive b/c I will have a baby, either by me or adoption
Baby Dust to all and thank you for all your love and support!
Hi All...It's been a while since I've been on here. I'm so sorry to hear such sad news from some of you.
Amy, I was so happy when I read about your BFP. I know the feeling all too well...that happened to me twice in a row a few months ago. My Dr called mine chemical pregnancies. I hope you are doing okay.
Tikam: I'm sorry to hear your sad news as well. Hang in there and keep your thoughts positive.
As for me, I think AF came today but I'm not too sure if I should count today as day 1 or not. I started to spot around 5pm today. I haven't had any kind of flowage yet but when I go to the bathroom, it's red on the paper. So, does anyone here know if I should count this as day 1? I'm so confussed. The office is closed and I don't want to bother anyone on call with a silly question like this. I'm also so nervous - this is my 1st try at IVF. I had my son via IUI. We tried 3 IUI's since and nothing the first try, and then 2 BFP turned BFN. So Dr suggested with my age - almost 42, that I go right to IVF.
Good luck to you all! Stay positive!

MissShellB2, My IVF Dr.'s office says day one is the first day you have full flow that starts before 5pm. My IUI Dr.'s office just goes with the first day your period starts regardless of time or flow. I hope this helps but each Dr. may count differently. Good luck with your IVF.

Amy, how are you doing? It sounds like you have a good plan for the ultimate goal a baby. I am glad you are not letting go of your dream.

Well, I am on day 2 of the dreaded 14 day wait. I got pretty sick on Thursday night and I am just now recovering. My Dr. said it wad due to the 6 eggs. The pain in my stomach was pretty intense. Spent Friday in bed all day. I am so happy to be feeling better, that was not fun. I am trying to stick with the food guidelines my acupuncturist told me. Not drinking anything cold is the hardest, everything I drink has to be room temperature or hotter. My plan is to distract myself with studying for my certification test. I think that will keep me busy.

I will check in again soon. Good luck to all.

YEAH SARAH! I was praying all weekend for this great news.. Keep positive and focus on taking care of yourself!

I am a bundle of confused thoughts these days. I have no answer on the blood work but that is ok too. I clocked my ovulation this month with the expensive clear blue easy fertility monitor. I got up to high peak. Which means I have a surge on estrogen but NEVER got to Peak. Either I never had a LH surge or it happened so quick it never was recorded. I bedded everyother day just incase. This is the first month after my last MC so I am not sure my body even wants to get pregnant right now!
If I am not pregnant and I follow the calendar, I will get my AF on June 5th and then start menapur and IUI...
I think I have given up hope of this 42 year old experiencing a full term pregnancy! I willl follow this course but come August which is 42nd birthday face the reality of my body being tried!
I am cheering all of you on and Baby dust to all!
Sara, thank you so much for taking the time to write me such a beautiful message. I know you are also excited and scared with the BEta numbers. All of us have so much going on and the time we take for each other is very soothing.
In regards to BETA numbers, I know they are suppose to double but you have strong numbers and you did have a couple of eggs release. The early indication could be a vanishing twin which could cause the numbers not to completely double. It is funny, most women get a positive test and wait until 6-8 weeks for first Ultrasound. Since we see a fertility specialist they require us to take blood work every 2 days! I wish we go from positive to ultrasound without all these blood test that drive us crazy!

It is funny b/c when I married my husband at 37, I told him I may not be able to give you a child naturally b/c of my age. I was convinced I would have to adopt anyways. But now I am so worried about all these distractions and instead of focusing on the positive and the ultimate goal of a baby. I know the greatest gift in life is to give a child a chance either naturally or adoptive.

I started acupuncture and I think it is a positive thing. He told me that I do not see him when I am getting the fertility shots but will see him again after IUI. Does that sound right??

I am praying that your ultra sound goes well and that the numbers continue to go up!
Hi Amy,

I don't want to concern you but, I went to acupuncture up to my IUI and then after. I did acupuncture twice a week while on the stimulation medication. During the stimulation period, they did not put the needles in my stomach only in my arms, legs, ear, and head. They also started moxa (sp) after the IUI. Your acupuncturist may only be focuses on the miscarriage aspect but I would encourage you to push to him or her to do it the entire time. It can take a while for it to work so given your schedule I would ask for acupuncture for the entire time. I did it twice a week before I started stim and I believe I continue it through the first trimester. Good luck.

Thanks for the support. My acupuncture dr told me today that my numbers are still ok. they don't always double every two days.I also read on the web that they are to double every 2-3 days.

It sounds like you are in a better place but know you can vent hear anytime. that is one of the things that is so nice about this site is that you can say what your feeling.

Hi all, Amy, so sorry to hear it has been a rough couple days. First, I don't think anything bad of you! Seriously- from what I know I think you are an amazing mom and wife, and a supportive friend who is trying to figure this all out. Definitey don't give up yet, there are still some really good options. I have some of the same fears about adoption, but still am considering it an option. Being a parent, I can only imagine that once you bring a child into your home as your own the feelings of love become natural. Each child is unique anyway, so in this case, their journey to your family would be unique too.
For accupuncture, I have also done it throughout my stims, I did it once a week, and then on the day of IUI, and then not again until after the blood test. Once I even had a little electro accupuncture during the stims, I guess to help stimulate things even more.
Sara, I'm glad you found some info about the numbers, I have also heard that they do not double exactly every 2 days, but as long as they are consistently going up it is a good sign. Hoping you had a relaxying and healthy weekend. Things are fine here, really nice weekend with my DH and son. Should get AF anytime now, I think my body is confused being off the meds. I know I've said this before, but I really appreciate having you all to check in with and find strength and support through this .
Amynyc: So excited for you, congrats!!! I will pray my hardest for your and for your beta to double!!! Best wishes to you and your little one-to-be :) Sooooo happy for you. I have a little news finally, too, I got a BFP on Father's Day, and beta done on 6/ was 32.1 so I was kind of nervous it was so low.........I went back 2 days later on 6/ was 59.9 so it's going up and close to doubling in 48-72 hours. I'm so excited too since we've been ttc 7 years....first IUI on 6/9/10, and expecting 1st baby now 2/28/11. I wish all the best for you all!!! I'm so thankful for all of your stories and happenings, they sure have help my feelings and have kept me positive through my journey thus far!!! May God bless each one of us!!

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