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Hello WantnBFP, i just thought i would let you know that iv had my first IUI on Friday 5 june on cd 21!! with just 1 folli at 17mm, this seems a bit weird as i have read all over the place that most women have about 3-5 follies, at 18mm-21mm, and do IUI around mid cycle, but my health care provider said they can go on until day 21 before abandoning the cycle. Im trying to feel positive but it seems a bit unlikly that ill get a BFP. I wish you all the luck for this cycle and loads of sticky baby dust and i shall be hoping your follies grow, they can grow between 1-3mm a day. Good luck, i shall be following your progress as we seem to be on a similar path.
Hi All. Just a quick update on my cycle status. I went in Sunday and had 3 follies on left ovary (1.5, 1.6, 1.7), so R.E. had me take one more night of 150 iu Menopur, and then Monday night have my DH give me the IM injection of Pregnyl (HCG-trigger shot). We go tomorrow at 7:30am, June 9th, 2010, for our IUI it will be CD20. I'm getting so nervous and excited. The R.E. said that since I had three follies that close to 1.8 (or 18) that one more night of shots would suffice and I should have one at 1.8 on Monday. So,here I am....can't sleep the night before the IUI...then I, too, will be in the 2ww period. I'm soooo emotional...cramps on left side on tummy, sore breasts, and weepy at the site or thought of anything. I know, just the meds, but I am so wanting this to be the cycle that it works and I do get BFP. I am thinking of you all and praying for us all to be blessed soon with our own little baby-on-the-way. Take care and I will let you know what happens in 2 weeks, Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010...first chance to take a HPT. :) Again, I am throwing baby dust on you all!!

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