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I am new to this site and am going to begin with 150 Menopur on CD3-CD8 of my next cycle in May. Years ago I was on Clomid 50mg and 100mg for two cycles with no luck...I didn't ovulate. My DH and I took some time off b/c Dr. wanted me to have my aortic valve replaced b/f trying injectables. So, Oct '09 I had it replaced and am doing great! So, January '10 we began with the RE again. Blood testing, HSG, Laparoscopy to remove three large polyps inside my uterus....and now we're ready for injectables. My RE is putting me on Menopur, followed by u/s and labs, then HCG shot to trigger ovulation, then scheduled IUI two days after the shot, then progestrone supp nightly. I'm really excited and praying everyday that we achieve a pregnancy. I have never been pregnant before, and have always been irregular with my cycle. I make follies, but they never seem to mature nor ovulate. So, I am hoping the injectables will work. My RE is doing two cycles of injectables w/IUI (if needed), and then going straight on to IVF cycles because of my age....I am now 39 and DH is 45. He has no problem with count nor with motility...just with morphology. He's taking Fertility Blend for Men, and I have corrected my diet w/o sodas and really limiting my other sugar and fat consumption. Just wondering if anyone has had success with Menopur & IUI's? Thanks so much for listening/reading ;) I wish everyone much success in their trials...*BabyDust* to all!!
Sinoy-sorry about the BFN, but very cool about the next IUI!!! Praying for you!! I have a little bit of news.....I got my BFP on Father's Day....we couldn't believe it since we've been ttc 7 years....went in on Monday, 6/21, and beta was 32.1 "Pregnant"; went in Wednesday, 6/23, beta 59.9 So, it's a lower reading, but at least it is doubling within 48/72 hrs. We are in shock still and so happy; they've given us a tenative due date of 2/28/11. I will con't my prayers for you and much baby-dust!!!

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