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Hey Everyone. I'm in my first ever IVF cycle. Have done 3 IUIs with just Follistim stim, without success and moved on to IVF. My IVF treatment was Lupron 10U starting on CD 21. On day 3 of my next cycle, I dropped the Lupron to 5U daily and added Gonal F (225U) and Menopur (75U) daily. I've not had a very stellar response on these meds. I stim'd very well on just Follistim. The RE and nurse mentioned that Lupron can suppress the stimulation in some women more than others. My understanding was they wanted a little suppression, so they could control ovulation. Now, I'm disappointed that we won't have many follicles to retrieve and this could have been a wasted effort. Right now, I have 2 good size follicles (~13-14mm) on the right and 3 (~15mm) on the left.

Anyone else been in similar situation? Did you still proceed with retrieval and how did things go after that? My RE is saying IF they retrieve 5 follicles, chances are only 2-3 will fertilize and then possibly only 1-2 will divide and continue to mature enough for transfer (maybe even none). I'm going to stay positive about this and pray for the best. I would appreciate any thoughts, comments, or suggestions. :)

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