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Started first IVF
Jul 23, 2010
Hi everyone,

I joined a few months ago and have been reading your IVF and IUI stories all along. When I started this journey back in Feb after my surgery it was a difficult decision to make. As I just got out of a relationship and I decided to do it on my own. I have always known I wanted to me a mom. I guess I always figured I would share this with someone rather than being alone. I have decided I would rather be a single mom and love my child more than anything in the world than not be a parent at all. I have a wonderful support system from my friends and family and are just as excited as I am. I had surgery in Feb to remove two large cysts one off each ovary and to check on my endometriosis found in 1996, which is now confirmed to be advance and extreme. So I was given the choice you can't wait any longer for mr. right and it's now or never. My ex and I did get back together because he wanted to be the father and be with me, but 2 weeks before our appointment he just couldn't. So needless to say I'm back to my original plan of being a single mom at 40. Since my last posting I've gone to all my appointments and my ultrasound showed a very low egg reserve 3 on each side. So the specialist at the fertility clinic is going to be aggressive and giving me one shot only, he said he doesn't want to waste my time or money. I'm just hoping and praying I produce enough eggs, they need 5 to proceed with IVF. He said he expected it as much as my first FSH test was 9.6 on day three and then I have been doing accupuncture since the end of Feb. I retested my FSH on day three in Apr and it was 6.8 yaaaaaaaaaay, but still a low reserve, he said because of the severity of my endo and inflammation.

So I finished 7 days of Estrace 2mg twice daily yesterday and waiting for my period to start so I can start my meds. Lupron .2ml twice daily and on day four Gonal F 225iu twice daily.

Baby dust to everyone and many blessings.


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