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Im 42 and just had ivf after saving for one year. Blocked tubes means that ivf was our only option. I feel so guilty as there is nothing wrong with my husband, I feel guilty for him marrying me. I feel as though I should leave him so that he can find someone who can give him a family.

Everything was going well, I responded to the medication and had no problems with mood swings, cysts or nightsweats.

Only 5 eggs were taken and 3 fertilised-great quality, top quality and I was even warned that I might have a multiple pregnancy-but it didnt work!!!!!
I started to bleed or rather spot dark brown blood, I frantically searched the internet only to find that it was either 'implantation' spotting, which I was hoping for or my PERIOD! After 2 days my period came so it was all over!

I just cant bring myself to do it all over again it costs so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm heartbroken.

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