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Hi, Everyone

I am 29 and was diagnosed with PCOS some 5-6 yrs back. Used BC pills initially. Then used metformin. My periods used to be for every 40 days. 2 yrs back I got married and used BC pills for 1 yr. Missed few periods after that. When Tested there was no PCOS but had hypothyroid. Have been using 100mg Since then.

After few months again missed 2 periods. Again had a u/s and this time had cysts and my thyroid is under control. To get my periods doc gave me provera and then put me on 50mg Clomid (as I want to get pregnant). First time didn't get ovulated and hence no period. So back to provera and this time 100mg clomid. This time when tested for ovulation, it showed -ve. But had some physical symptoms like body pains, change in body temp and mucus etc. So don't know exactly if I ovulated or not. If ovulated I need to get period, which I didn't get(this is 1 month back). Checked for pregnancy and its negative. So don't know for how long do I have to wait...and for how long can I be on clomid??

Did any one faced such problem ? Need some help..........

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