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Hey there ladies!! how is everyone doing today? i am playing hookey from work and i LOVE it. i know it will look bad on my next paycheck, but i just couldn't bear the thought of going in and dealing with all those little babies. i am feeling crabby, depressed, sad, weepy, tired and mean. i have a bad feeling that AF is on her way and that just pisses me off! WHOA!! i better get a grip on myself lisiwd, sorry that AF is on her way for you, also. it was very nice for dh to hold you and try to understand what you are going through. sometimes the men in our lives just don't have a clue about things that we are dealing with, do they? hope AF stays away from you and that you feel better soon. early!! my cousin just had her baby and i am supposed to go see it today. how do i plaster on that and act so glad for her when i am dying in my heart? don't get me wrong, i am glad for her, but still.... oh well, enough about crabby old me. Phototaker, welcome aboard!! i hope that we can help. sometimes it is just nice to be able to come on this board and see that you are not alone. three years seems like a long time for your doc to still not be doing anything about it, maybe if you are able to start with a specialist and perhaps get a few tests out of the way, he can "get you and dh pregnant" quickly, so it doesn't get too costly. maybe it is a simple reason that you aren't conceiving that your doc isn't picking up on, but a specialist could. i know it costs alot which really sucks!! good luck and we are here for you! i am a 31 yr old mother of one and have been ttc for about 14 (this month is 15) months now with no results. i have just started really seeking a specialists advice, because to tell you the truth, i didn't really think that i would have any trouble getting pregnant, because we didn't with my daughter, so month after month of disappointment finally hit home with me and i realized that there was something wrong. i had an HSG done (great test, but painful) and it showed that my right tube is blocked. i will see in the next week whether AF comes and if she does, then i will follow up with doc and see what is in store for me. hey girls, do you think that doc would just go straight for IUI if i wanted him to or do they have to exhaust all other forms of tx before they do an invasive procedure like that? i hate to try other options for several months and end up with it anyway. i would just like to do it now and end up PREGNANT, but that is my impatient side coming out, i guess. holjay, you said that you were doing IUI next month. what all did you have to try before they decided on that option? good luck with trying on your own this month! Kriss, hate to hear that AF AND bronchitis are "kicking your butt". hope you and your little girl are feeling better soon. i work in a children's hospital and know that RSV can be a really bad thing, so sending best wishes your way that it is not RSV. good luck and keep us posted. Laruossi, glad that you are feeling better. sorry that AF is here for you, also. good luck with your HSG. just remember to take something for pain before you have it done, because it can be very uncomfortable and take a pad because you will bleed and expel the oily dye afterwards. let us know what you find out. tcb- how are you doing, hon? sorry that AF is here for you, too. man, it seems that we are all on approximately the same cycles. all of us are either on our periods now or waiting for it to show up within a few days or so. i guess we are all truly "cycle" buddies. let's just hope that we can all get pregnant together next month!!! wouldn't that be great!?! i have heard alot about the book that you just got, tcb. Taking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weschler. and Kriss, didn't you post about a computer program of it? let me know what you think of the book. i have webtv and can't use other software or download programs. rats!! because i would love to graph my cycles. well ladies, i have rambled long enough and i better go for now. i will try to check back in later. if not, then have a good night. until next time, this is OASIS signing out ~O~
went a little overboard with the smilies, huh?

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