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Hi Shira...I can totally relate to those questions that people ask. It's like that here in the US too (at least where I'm at). People expect that couples in their thirties should have children and if they don't, something must be wrong with them or they are being selfish. People ask me all the time if I have children. I guess what bothers me the most is when people just start talking about their own children...brag about them non-stop in front of me even though I am quiet as a mouse. I think if I had children and I knew someone that was married and childless and quiet, I think I would notice and either stop talking about that subject or at least try to talk about something that everyone can relate to (ie: movies, music, weather!). But noooo, they continue to blab, leaving me out of the conversation since I have no way to relate to "screaming babies" or "vomiting babies" at all. All I can think to myself is, "I wish I had a child to 'complain' about ". I often tell some people who complain, "Be thankful for your blessings, I wish I could". That sometimes shuts them up. :P I can also relate to your culture because I am very familiar with the Middle Eastern culture (I spent 2 months in the Mid East and also had many friends from that area). I am half Asian so my culture is very similar to the Middle Eastern culture in that couples are supposed to get married, get pregnant, have a family and live "happily ever after".
Hi Nicole! I am not an avid reader of the bible nor do I attend church on a regular basis. I have always considered that my faith is in my heart. I do believe in God but sometimes I think He is just ignoring me. I do pray...I have prayed so much and I continue to. I also have hope...but when that dreaded period comes, I end up losing my hope for that week.
Anyway, I'm glad that we have this message board, it really does help knowing that we all can "talk" to each other. Thanks!!!!!

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