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I am starting Gonal F tonight, Cetrotide will be added later in the cycle and end with Profasi and Progesterone Suppositories. But because we want to lower our chances of Multiples and do not know for sure if we could handle reducing if there were multiples we decided to do intercourse around ovulation instead of IUI. Has anyone had success with this or know anyone else who has tried it this way.

i don't really know anyone that did that. when i was on injectables, i had IUIs and IVF.
there's no reason why you can't be successful, but it has to do with your hubby's sperm and your cm - if the problem is there, the IUI can solve it.
keep in mind that by taking the shots you increase the amount of follicles you have, so a good swimmer sperm can fertilze more than one egg, even through pure baby dance
Thank you so much for a response. I have PCOS and do not ovulate or have periods on my own so I have to do the shots Clomid did not work for me at all. My husbands sperm count is fine.

We do know that there is still the possibility of Multiples but we are hoping that by forcing them to make more of a effort to get to the eggs there maybe 1,2,maybe 3 will get fertilized as opposed to IUI and maybe ending up with 4 or higher. And knowing how we feel about reduction. We are trying to avoid that decision as much as possible.

Sorry this is so long. I have only read a long time ago of a couple doing it the same way and being successful was just hoping for more that one to compare to.


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