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Hello Faith. Good luck to you. I have had three IVF cycles and expect to keep trying until we make it!

As to your question, first how are you taking the Follistim? Will it be subq (subcutaneous in the tummy) or IM (intermuscular in the hip pocket)? If DH has to help you then I'm guessing you have to take it IM. Initially a pain, but it at least sets you up for the Progesterone shots which are larger and in the same area.

Repronex + Gonal F combo in an IM shot and it isn't too bad once you get used to it. I have taken Follistim by itself and it stung a bit; I don't know if Repronex takes the bite out of it. You may want to practice snapping open those vials. You will have at least 10 water vials extra, so snap a few of those so you get the hang of it. We did ours right before bedtime each night so it was the last thing to do before hitting the hay.

Have plenty of band aids on hand. Switching sides can get confusing, and we used a system of putting a funny cartoon band aid on the side used that evening so we never poked the same side 2 days in a row. Be prepared for sore hips after a few days.

What about your Lupron in the morning? Are you already past that stage? Those are the easiest shots of all.

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