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Provera & Clomid
Dec 3, 2002
I have a question about the Provera and Clomid. It says to take Provera the 1st 5 days and then days 5-9 take the Clomid. I have 5 pills of Clomid and 3 refills so after I take the 1st 5 do I go back to the Pharmacy and get more and continue taking then? Just asking. I want to make sure I'm taking it right so it will work.

I'm not sure about Provera but the Chlomid is only supposed to be for 5 days of a cycle. So the refills your Dr. gave you are probably for the upcoming months in the event it doesn't work right away. Chlomid is just to stimulate ovulation so is only effective when used during certain times of the cycle. What's more is it can be harmful if you take too much of it because it can overstimulate your ovaries.
So you don't take the Clomid until you get your period? the 1st 5 days of it?
ally i too take provera and chlomid....provera for 10 days starting your cycle on the 11th day and then chlomid days 5-9 and then if not preggo that month same thing the next month...good luck and if you ever need to ask a question feel free....

You take the Clomid days 5-9 of your period, right?

Did the Provera & Clomid work for you?

Thanks for the help everyone!
so far the provera is doing its thing and the chlomid caused the follicles but no O as of yet....i should be starting from the provera in about 3 more days and then start my chlomid...hopefully this month will be my month! and yes i take my chlomid days 5-9 but some are instructed to do it different it depends of their O cycle and their doctor....again good luck hun!


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