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Thanks so much for the helpful information! I am not planning to get pregnant for another 5 years or so (if at all!), but now that I'm in a serious relationship we're starting to talk about future plans and I would like to at least know that children are possible if that's what we decide. I have always felt so freakish and unwomanly because I didn't start periods on my own.

The doctors used provera to jump start my period the first time. After that I went on the pill and that gave me steady periods from there on. One time I went off the pill for a few months to get rid of the moodiness, but I wasn't able to have any periods on my own and the doctor was slightly concerned about my reproductive system without having periods. That time he put me on provera and it did NOT work right away. They were very shocked, and had me take a pregnancy test because they were certain I was pregnant (I'm a virgin.....unless I'm the mother of Jesus, it wasn't even a possibility). They tried me on it again and that time it worked. That made me even more insecure about my reproductive system, because provera is supposed to work in ALL cases. My hormones were checked and those were normal. I'm not sure exactly WHAT the story was. In any case, I'm back on the pill and menstruating extremely regularly. I'll e-mail you once I figure out how (I've posted here for ages and still don't know much about it).....thanks to all for your support!

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