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well, Clomid is an oral medication, given to women usually as a first step in treating infertility. it helps both women who do no ovulate on their own, and those who do (so they can get more than 1 big follicle a month). Gonal-F is a medication, given in shots, and considered stronger.
as for the cream - you might mean the Wild Yam cream. here's some info about it (it's from a web site i cannot give you its add. cuz of board rules. you can try search under "female fertility" and "products" for more info):

Wild Yam (Dioscorea Villosa)
Other names: China Root, Colic Root, Devil's Bones, Rheumatism Root, Yuma

Use: Wild Yam is an herbal thought to promote the production of
progesterone in the body. It should be used only in the second
half of a woman's menstrual cycle (after ovulation). When used in
the first half of the cycle (prior to ovulation), Wild Yam may
actually act as a contraceptive, and has been used for this purpose
in some countries.

Effects: Studies evaluating the effects of Wild Yam are
conflicting. Some studies conducted under laboratory conditions
have demonstrated that Wild Yam contains substances which are
converted into progesterone. However, conflicting studies in
humans have indicated that Wild Yam doesn't actually have any
effect on progesterone production. Therefore, it is still not
definitive whether this supplement actually helps progesterone

People who should not use this product: This product should
not be used prior to ovulation if you are trying to conceive.

Dose: This product should not be taken before ovulation. Wild
Yam is available in various formulations, but the most common is
a cream. The cream should be applied sparingly.

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