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we've been to my gyn yesterday, showed him my HSG results (noraml), that i did 6 days before. he said that he rather send us to a fertility clinic, so that they can go on from here. we think that's a smart move - go to someone who specializes in infertility, wand do all the needed tests in one place.
but i was totally not prepared for that, which made me feel blue a bit...
the thing is that after he told this to us i forgot to mention the other thing that's bothering me, especially today - i seem to "feel" my genitals. i don't really know how to describe it - it's not that i have any pain, a just have this dim feeling in my abdomen. i had brownish discharge for about 5 days after the HSG (which was not very painful - more like menstruation, with no major cramps afterwards).
are these signs of some kind of inflammation? am i too paranoid? my gyn does not work every day, so i must wait for 2 more days - should i go to another doc? (according to our insurance, you can see another doc - which is not your regular - only in case of emergency).
my husband is going abroad tomorrow (and i know this will worry him very much), and i don't know if i should make a big fuss about it now, or wait for 2 days.
what do you say?

and another thought - i'm supposed to be around my ovulation now. do you think that's relevant?

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