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hi , i want u to make sure that it is easy ,i tried it the last month , it was my first time too , i`m taking shots to make me ovulate (Gonalf) and the shots of releasing the egg called(profasi)and i do ovulate but i didn`t get pregnant , after 42 hours from the profasi shot i went to make the IUI but i did it once only not like u ,u will gonna do it two days , my doctor this time will change the meds because the first time i do ovulate but the estrogen was low so he will give me pergonal instead of gonal ,
first of all ur doctor will decide to u which medication u have to take , okay , my doctor is giving me Gonal F shots which is under the skin in the thigh ,ur doctor will tell u when to start this shots , once i get my period (i`m having my period by taking provera pills)i went to the doctor the nurse monitor me by vaginal ultrasound while i`m bleeding and taking blood test , and then she called me telling me when to start the shots , the first time i started the shot after 3 days from the period and then after 2 or 3 days i went again for ultra sound and blood test to see the size of he folicles and when the foilicles reaches the good size they called me to tell me stop taking the shots and i have to take the profasi shot to realse the egg and after 42 hours from the profasi i went to the doctor to make the IUI, but i`m using my dear husband sperm , his sperm analysis is very good but i`m making the IUI because i don`t want to take this shots for a long period because for sure taking this medications alot have side effects .
i tried the first time taking this shots with natural intercourse but i didn`t get pregnant and then the seconed time we prefered to try the IUI but sorry it didn`t work the nursdr told me may be because the estrogen was low was only 100 and it have to be higher , so this time they will give me another kind of shot to increase the estrogen, but give ur self all hope , because here is a lady got pregnant after the 2nd IUI and also miranda got pregnant after the first IUI, i hope it will work with me this time and with all of u , sorry for writing alot

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