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I have been on provera several times to bring on a period. Provera will stop a period while you are taking it but it will resume in a few days after taking it. The main function of it is to start cycles in women who do not start on their own. Also reproductive endocrinologist's use provera to actually keep a pregnancy viable if there is a strong possiblity of miscarriage. Once the danger stage is over then the provera is generally stopped. I am currently taking provera and clomid and will more than likely continue with the provera while pregnant.( only b/c i am considered high risk for miscarriage). You may want to check with your dr again to ease your mind. If provera was dangerous to a pregnancy it wouldnt be prescribed to help maintain a pregnancy.
If you dont mind me asking, why did your dr's put you on provera to stop a period in order to become pregnant? I am just wondering because it negates everything my RE has been saying for years and now i am a little curious.
Good Luck

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[This message has been edited by Allie (edited 04-03-2001).]

I was put on Provera to stop the bleeding because my periods would not stop. I had continual flow from October/00 until january/01 When the drs decided it had been too long. They had given me a DnC at the end of february and I have finally finished the the provera. I finished on march 28 and still have not had a period do you know how long after taking provera my periods should start again?? Allie have you ever been on chlomid???
Hey Odie,
Normally when i take the provera it is for 5 to 7 days of 10mg and my cycle then can start anywhere from three to seven days later. I hav noticed that when i am more stressed it seems to take its sweet time coming. But if i have little to no stress i usually start within four days. BUT i am only on it for 7 days at the most not an entire month. And for me it was prescribed to start periods since i will go months without one. It also isnt uncommon to start a period while still taking the provera, this has happened a couple times but is mostly spotting not a real flow.
I just started clomid this week and it is the first time that i have ever been on it. I am on 100mg for 5 days and today is that last day. Are you on clomid now? Boy is it a experience, talk about being the wicked witch! lol But if it doesnt work this month guess we will do it again next month.

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