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Originally posted by LBW:
Hello, I am new to this message board and was hoping someone could help me with some information. I was not ovulating and my Dr. put me on Clomid, 50mg, days 3-7. This is my first month on Clomid. He told me I would ovulate approximately 7 days after my last pill (cycle day 14). It seems as though I may have ovulated on cycle day 20, that is when my temperature elevated and it has remained high until now, I am currently on cycle day 27 waiting to see if I am pg. My question is, when I took the ovulating test sticks this month, it was hard to tell but it looked like I the test was positive on cycle day 17, but my temperature did not rise until the morning of day 20. Is that possible? I assumed that my ovulation predictor taken on the next day, day 18 would definitely read positive, but it did not. Can clomid affect the ovulation predictor sticks? Also, it my temperature rose above the coverline, and has stayed up there, does that mean that I definitely ovulated? I am so confused because I assumed that the ovulation predictor would be positive and then my temperature would rise the next day. Any help someone could give me would be greatly appreciated. I hope I am making sense! Thank you in advance.


I cant really answer but i just finish last thursday taking clomid 5-9 days of my cycle did you have any kind of syptoms from clomid i had sytptoms about 5 days after the last pill, i had bad stomach cramp and pain for at least three days on my left side, lite headache, feeling nausea yesterday felt like my af was about to come on, it was a little of everything, im hoping this is pregnancy sign because i know i ovulate i felt when i was ovulating you talking about some bad cramps theyre come and goes, my appt with my gyn tuesday and ill know the results i know it problay to early to test preg. but cant wait to see, trying to be as patient as i know how. what about you have you test yet are you just waiting like me, please e-mail me and tell me you had some of those sytpoms after taking clomid.


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