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Hi. The cream is used to lengthen the Luteal Phase of your cycle i.e. the part of your cycle after you ovulate. Progesterone from what I have read will not make you ovulate. Might I suggest that read up on your fertility, adn start charting your temperatures, so that you can tell when you ovulate (in those cycles that you do ovulate) adn therefore can time intercourse. you can check out the following site which will tell you about your fertility and how to chart etc:

If you suspect that your progesterone is low then your doctor can do a test and check it after you ovulate. Additionally, if you are charting you will be able to tell if it is low, because you will be able to determine the lenght of your Luteal Phase (LP). A Luteal Phase shorter than 10 days is considered to short to support implantation of an egg.

Also, I have never ever heard of a doctor keepign a patient on Clomid for an entire year! In fact, I have read that it is dangerous to be on Clomid for more than 6 months. Most doctors start patients of on a 50mg dosage adn then up it the next month or the following month to 100mg, then 150, then higher is cause for concern. Also, the doctor will do ultrasound (u/s) to determine if a follicle has matured and if you ovulated, and thus will know if that dosage of Clomid is causing ovulation. Please ask you doc about this or get a second opinion. Good Luck.


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