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I have looked in on this board a few times to understand what other people are experiencing but this is my first posting. You'll proberably have to excuse me as it will proberably be quite long
I am 33, have two wonderful children, ages 10 and 12 and about 4 years ago we decided to try for another child. I became pregnant v. easy with my other girls although we tried and tried and nothing happened after a year. My periods are spot on and no problems (apart from PMS)My G.P refered me to a gyno who did the various blood tests, urine tests, scans and even more scans and the dye test. Results of all this testing was my tubes are open, I AM ovulating and have also shown as having Polycystis Ovary although as my GP said I do not have any of the 'classical' signs of POS apart from my blood test results showing up high levels of testosterone!(unless i will eventually develop them!)I had a cone biopsy not long after the birth of my second child (performed by the same gyno) and when i had the dye test the doctor had difficulties injecting the dye into my cervix as he said i hardly had any cervix due to the cone (cervical stenosis). On hearing this i was convinced that this was the reason I was not getting pregnant and went and asked my gyno about cervical dilation and could this be the problem seen as how everything else appears normal, he said that this was nothing to do with my not getting pregnant.
He then said he wanted to try one last thing which was to put me on Clomiphene (50 mg for 3 months) and if I had not concieved by then I proberably would'nt get pregnant and he would see me in 6 months during which time I had to decide if I wanted to go on IVF program (privatly due to my already having 2 children). I have lost so much faith in my gyno and am considering moving back to the one I had previous as he does not explain anything or listen to my feelings and i feel so strongly that because i have children its a half hearted effort on their behalf which is really depressing me. I have just taken the last Clomiphene tablet for this months course so we will have to wait and see although I don't know what to expect as in results as i am already ovulating every 28 days although he did say it would help my eggs mature (although he has not ever checked to see my eggs arn't mature!)
I have experienced side affects from the medication such as bad headache, light head and my PMS symptoms have arrived big time (its worth it to have a chance to become pregnant)
Please post me anyone who has any comments on the above, i would really appreciate advise ect. Has anyone taken Clomiphene when they are ovulationg normally?
Have people had sucess on Clomiphene if so after how many months?
Does anyone know anything about cervical stenosis/cone biopsy and could this cause infertility?
Any info please let me know.
I will just persevere for 3 months on the meds and then if no luck see another gyno as i feel that IVF is still a long way off, i feel he has not explored all possible options.
Anyway thanks for reading, speak to you soon
Love mc

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