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Hi Shira
I am not bad. I am dealing with the fact that the clomid isn't working any more so I guess we are off to bigger things eventually. The drs have brought up putting me on bc pills to regulate me. Have you ever heard of that?
It definately is quiet in here. It has been like this for awhile now, very strange.
How are the shots comming along? Do they hurt, if you don't mind me asking? Hope to talk to you soon

age 23 dh 28
ttc# 1 x 4yrs
1500mg metformin
200mg clomid
prenatal vitamins

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hi Jody,
yes, i've heard about bc pills for regulation, although i didn't take it during ttc (my period is very regular, but still no baby). the shots are not that bad, but taking Clomid was much better. Clomid made me produce at least 3 big follicles a month, but it made my lining too thin, and did not help my spotting. last month i took shots of Purigon (i don't know the generic name). it wasn't very painful. this month i'm on Gonal-F. inserting the needle is not painful at all. but the injecting itself is the hard part - it really is painful. i do it very slowly (which i'm not sure is the right strategic, but i can't help it), but i count to 10 and it is over. i take the niddle out, say to myself "you're a very brave girl" and that's that. you don't feel a thing after a minute or 2. i used to feel my butt all day long with last month shots.

but i don't mean to scare you, really. i'm glad to do it. i'm prepare to suffer a lot, just to have a baby soon.

hang in there girl, and write me if you like,

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