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It depends if the dr. wants you on Clomid to start.OR injectibles. Every case is diff. I havent advanced to injectibles yet. My RE put me on Clomid (100mg)Day 5-9 of cycle. Then when I Ovulate I go in the office and they use husband's "washed" sperm count. This procedure is used when one has a lower sperm ct. They say its success rates need between 10mil-50 ml "washed" sperm cts. for it to work successfully. This was my first IUI this month. I had 2 back to back. I did the OPK kits..and also when in for bloodwork every day until I surged. They called me and told me I surged. I had had a faint line the night before....and next day My LH level surged. Then I checked that day on the kit and sure enough heavy line showed I surged. The only drawback was his ct. was 30 ml on both originally..Washed 1st day was 640,000. which was extremely low. Next day it jumped up to 5 million washed. BUT he was ill about a month ago with the flu..(He landed in the ER due to the flu).It was really bad. But the nurse reassured me that that is why the count was so low..when one has a fever the body temp rises and makes the sperm die quicker.. Anyway.......Now I sit here in 2 week waiting and take a preg. test 3/1 to see if I am pregnant. If not..she said I stay on Clomid for 2 more months..(100mg which I have been on)(rounds) and then go onto injectibles..with ultrasounds etc..I know alot of the girls here are on injectibles here and they can tell u more info on that area. I had to do a Day 3 and day 10 FSH and prgesterone blood test. They all came back ok. Then day 12 I started the OPK testing. Hope this helps. Good luck to u. The IUI itself is pretty painless..Its over in like 2 minutes.

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