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The only things the military wont pay for are things like IUI and IVF. Even those can get paid for if you happen to be at a base that does those. There are a few but I cant remember them.
Air Force wife. That is what Tricare told me whenever we were trying for our second. When Dh returns from his tdy I am going to start all those lovely tests again.
Tricare does cover the surgery to clear out your tubes. At least from what I have seen andheard they do. My best friend has Endo and they have covered her Laporscopy(sp?) when she has had them.

It amazes me that some women find HSG painful. To me it wasnt that painful at all. Afterwards I had some mild cramping but that was it. The tech was evena bit surprised because I wasnt warned before hand to take any pain meds. She was telling me that it was probably going to really painful for me since I had no meds. And too boot this was done in a military clinic. Any one who has had to deal with those type of techs know they arent the gentliest people in the world.

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