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Well I did my first shot of Gonal-F today. It's been so long since I practiced doing the shot on an orange in the class that everytime I tried to do the shot on myself today it kept bouncing off my thigh! Finally I just told my husband to do it. I do another shot tomorrow and go in for blood on Friday. I really don't know what happens then. I suppose they'll tell me then when to do more shots. I think i have to do that shot of hcg 10,000u with the really long needle as well. I think I'll have my mother do that one because she's a nurse and gives shots all the time. How many shots do you have to do and do you know when yet that you'll actually be doing the IUI? Keep me posted and here's keeping my fingers crossed for the both of us.
Doing 2end IUI M orT & I dont have to take all of those shots..(The nurse gave me HCG the day before IUI.) What are all of your ages and do you have any other children? Do you know what your problem is why your not conceving? My dh has a very LOW count and quality. I have a blocked tube on the left side and low reserve. I am feeling very negative about this working next week because the 1st time we did it she said "verything was GREAT EXcept his count."and added "But it only takes one"

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