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Hi ladies!
I can't tell you how nice it is to find other women experiencing similar issues and able to relate.
My body is now a little out of whack from all the meds I believe... I was on Clomid for five cycles. The fourth one was an IUI, and when we were all set to do a 2nd IUI (after the first one failed) after taking clomid for the fifith time, an ultrasound revealed that I was actually completely dried out. No mature follicles. So scratch this cycle. (they said it was an anovulatory cycle) They said to call when my next period came. No heavy flow ever came on the normal day it would, so they prescribed me with provera to incude a period, which it did. I went in for another ultrasound only to find out that I wasn't on my cycle day 3 like I thought I was, but I was ovulating that day! I was actually on cycle day 12 but my body had only had light discharge for a period.
so the doc told me to finish taking provera anyway, which i finished 2 days later, and started bleeding like a period.
So, I'm just wondering when I will be getting my next period? In two weeks like it should have (cycle day 26) or in one month because provera reset the clock?
I'm not sure about meds anymore.
What's your experience?

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